Ski lessons… 10 reasons why they make sense


10 Reasons why to take ski lessons?


1, Learn faster – you will progress quickly as you will be shown and taught techniques that work the best with explanations and demonstrations on why.


2. Learn safely – sliding down a mountain can be dangerous stuff if you don’t know what you’re doing. Thanks to the teaching experience and local mountain knowledge of your ski instructor, you’ll be shown to the most appropriate slopes for you and massively boost your confidence. Since we tend to hurt ourselves most often when we’re tired or not warmed up properly, it can also be said that taking ski lessons will reduce the risk of injury. To further reduce effort on skis, consider using a Ski-Mojo.



3. Less effort – When technique is good, skiing requires less effort and is therefore less tiring and more enjoyable.


4. Ski the nicest slopes – at first glance a ski area can seem like a complicated affair. By taking lessons you are ensured to be lead by someone who knows where they’re going and who will help you to quickly get your bearings. Your ski instructor will take into consideration your skiing level, physical ability and most importantly, there’ll be no getting lost.


5. Mountain weather – It’s often gorgeous and sunny in the mountains but snowfalls, fog, high winds and cold can change that very quickly. Following a course of ski lessons ensures you’re in safe hands at all times. Experienced instructors also know the best places to go when the weather is bad – this can include a bar !  Practical Tip – in fog and flat light, always head for the tree lined runs on the lower parts of the ski area.


Powder tracks 3 Valleys

Powder Tracks in The 3 Valleys


6. Ski at your own pace and not someone elses – unlike a group of friends, ski school  groups are comprised of people of similar levels, this means that you will be skiing at a speed that suits you rather than constantly trying to catch up or always having to wait around.


7. Lift queue priority – in many resorts around the world and certainly in the French Alps, when you are with a ski instructor you will skip the queues by following the reserved ski school line. Modern ski lifts ensure that there is very little queuing but this perk can sometimes save precious minutes and maximises your ski time.


8. Social aspect – You’ll meet new faces and maybe make some new friends. It is also encouraging and fun to progress with others whilst being helpful to learn from their mistakes and their victories!


9. After effort comes reward –  A delicious mountain lunch tastes even better when you really feel you’ve earned it. With a wide choice of places to eat on the slopes you can be sure that your ski instructor knows the best addresses and will be happy to share one or two well kept secrets with you. Niche ski schools in The Three Valleys such as First Tracks Ski Coaching pay special attention to ensuring good restaurants and tables are booked in advance.


10. Get the most out of your tripski holidays can be expensive as there are quite a few requirements (ski equipment, ski pass, ski clothing etc.). Taking ski lessons will ensure that you maximise the fun, enjoyment and progress with some special breakthrough moments. It can also be great fun to try other snowsports such as snowboarding, ice climbing, bobsleigh, snow shoeing, snow-mobile or even ski hok.


In my next article I’ll be discussing the pros, cons and differences when choosing between private ski lessons and group ski lessons.

I hope you’ve found this article helpful, any feedback and comments are welcome.

See you on the slopes!



written by Ashley Kay, Personal Ski Coach and Director at First Tracks Ski Coaching, International Ski School – ESI in Courchevel and The 3 Valleys ski area, France.